Likes: travel, good food, better drink, the best smoke, experiencing the moment & cats. 53 M Seattle
Dislikes: sports, politics & religion. I may comment on them, but I still dislike them.

Kim Boekbinder and Amanda Palmer - “Such Great Heights”

Terry Reid - Rich Kid Blues. Jimmy Page’s first choice for Led Zeppelin’s vocalist. He settled for Plant instead.

Rick Wakeman - “Close to the Edge” for solo piano. Morning music.

The Realistic MG-1 Synthesizer with ‘polyphony’, built by Moog Music in 1981 for the home market and sold through Radio Shack stores for $499. Despite its toy-like appearance, its tones are quite serviceable. Sound demos: Classic Moog filter tones. 1 2. A thorough demonstration of each knob, switch and slider, 1 2 3 4 5, filtering audio, and with a sequencer.

Faces - “Stay With Me”; keep your Rolling Stones records, I’ll just hold on to A Nod Is As Good As A Wink. Thank you very much.

Band of Skulls - “Impossible”; all the right influences and original, too. Starts with a Velvet Underground jam, moves into a Cobain lyric followed by a Corgan bridge, and concludes with a Sonic Youth freak-out.

Herb Alpert - “Casino Royale”; a fanvid trailer featuring Daniel Craig. He’s so fucking hot. ahem Anyway, … this song rocks. Crank it.

Rose Tattoo - “Bad Boy For Love”; that’s Australian for ‘slide guitar’.

Starting this weekend:

After 7 years of collecting mp3s—

The Nice - “America”; I hear riffs from four 70s hard rock hits in this.

Cognitive dissonance at its purest. Lou Reed - “The Kids”; a fanvid collage that is devastating to watch. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll ache. (a flash of nudity)

Queen - “Liar”; 1974 Rainbow

The Turtles - “Elenore”; this is proof of a Midas Touch. When their record company demanded a new single, Flo and Eddie threw this together for a lark. The record was a hit. Amazing what two voices can achieve.

Paul Humphrey & His Cool Aid Chemists - “Cool Aid”; knock the dust off this funk groove.